About Mystrock

The name "Mystrock" refers to a small project I put together aimed at allowing gamers to explore the ages of Myst in a new setting. The original developers of Myst are Robyn and Rand Miller; two brothers who founded Cyan Worlds. The Miller brothers are directly responsible for the orginal Myst (now played as realMyst), as well as Riven, The Sequel to Myst.

For the first Mystrock installment, the "Legend of Grimrock 2" dungeon crawler RPG will be used to create a Mod that enables players to travel through all the ages found in realMyst. One of the key differences between the original Myst and the newer, realMyst, is the inclusion of the Rime Age and the "sneak peak" to Riven. For this reason and more, the Mod is modeled directly after the realMyst version.

The title for this Grimrock 2 Mod is, "Mystrock, Artisans Path." Here, players follow the path of Atrus as they travel throughout Myst Island, Channelwood, Mechanical Age, Stoneship Age, the Selenitic Age, and the Rime Age. The player can expect to experience the full breath of Adventure Puzzle challenges found in the original realMyst game, as well as strong RPG and Dungeon Crawler elements provided by the Grimrock 2 game platform.

Paths and Choices

One thing that Myst, Riven, Legend of Grimrock 2, and The Elder Scrolls all have in common... is the ability to make a permanent impact on the game world (and player experience) by making a "choice." Whether that choice results in an alternate game ending, the death of an NPC, or simply the outcome of a quest... this type of involvement helps draw the player in to the game world in a positive way, and serves to provide much more memorable and enjoyable experiences. The Mystrock project will most certainly incorporate this approach.

Experiencing multiple paths in a fantasy-based game has been an addiction of mine since early childhood. Most games take a very linear approach to victory, but when choice makes a notable difference then suddenly an entirely new level of immersion is created. My first real exposure and addiction to this was from the classic Pick-A-Path books. I still have some of these in my closet, such as:

Hopefully, the Mystrock project will do some justice to the original authors of all the works mentioned herein.

Why Grimrock 2?

One of the most common questions I get is, "why are you using Grimrock to make your Myst Mod?" The answer is simple: because this is my first attempt at making a publicly available video game, and the Grimrock Game Editor is incredibly simple to use. I am perfectly aware of the Unity game engine as well as Unreal 4. However, the fact is that I need to be sure that from a Game Design perspective, I can create something that people will actually enjoy.

Afterall, if one can succeed in creating something worthy using an relatively basic platform, then the justification would be there to move forward with something much more sophisticated.

The very first Grimrock game was a bit too confining (underground dungeon only). However, Legend of Grimrock 2 brings the player above ground and creates a lovely environment that aspiring game designers can quickly make their own.

Lastly, as I mention in the "From there to here" section of this website, my first love for the Dungeon Crawler genre came in the 1995 release of, Stonekeep. To this day I cherish that remarkable piece of software. Shortly thereafter, I began playing other crawlers, like Shadow of Yserbius, and Dungeon Magic.

However, it wasn't until mid-year of 2014 that I stumbled upon Legend of Grimrock. I played the first game, which takes place entirely underground like any classic dungeon crawler; and I quickly found myself craving more. I did not hesitate to purchase Legend of Grimrock 2; a game I enjoyed so much that I was instantly motivated to start this Mystrock project. So aside from the Grimrock Game Editors simplicity, the fact is that the Legend of Grimrock series single-handedly inspired me to invest time and effort in to bringing all these lovely elements together (or at least try to).

Multiverse? Paradigm?

multiverse: a theoretical reality that includes a possibly infinite number of parallel universes. paradigm: a group of ideas about how something should be done, made, or thought about.

The Myst series is a tale of an Artisan who created a number of worlds that exist simultaneously. The Myst games, themselves, exist in a unique "world" or "genre" that we typically refer to as "Adventure Puzzle." The Mystrock project is an attempt to re-shape the Ages of Myst and allow the Adventure Puzzle aspects to exist, in parallel, within the genres of class-RPG, action-RPG, and Dungeon Crawler.

Myst defines the paradigm, while Grimrock provides the parallel universes.