the Stranger and the Artisan

The brothers of Cyan Worlds personified perfection when they emphatically engrossed millions of e-adventurers with the award-winning masterpiece known simply as, Myst. It is a story of a father, with a love for exploration and artistry, who crafted multiple worlds that we elatedly call, "Ages." All is threatened to be undone when treachery by his two sons places the fate of denizens of the Ages in the hands of a seemingly random Stranger.

Myst gave us an environment where wits alone are not enough to achieve the ultimate goal. The power of choice and the impact of permanence are equally critical in the quest for victory.

Download & Play Mystrock, Artisans Path for the Legend of Grimrock II platform

A path worth following

In Myst, monumental impact stems from actions undertaken by the Stranger:

  • +Is the bountiful effort of the Artisan worth preserving?
  • +Are the decisions of the Father worth honoring?
  • +Will the path of the Explorer prove worth following in-kind?

This project - dubbed, Mystrock - may be thought of as a reflection of that journey. This is the work of another mere stranger who wishes to honor the accomplishments of the true artisans responsible for a multitude of unforgettable experiences.

artisans path

From there to here

I first played Myst in 1994. That is the same year that it received the Game of the Year Award by Games Magazine. Also that year, Bethesda Software won an award for their title, Arena. Two different genres; two different legends in the making.

I have been a huge fan of the Myst series since its conception, and my introduction to the world of The Elder Scrolls didn't come until 2002 with Morrowind. Prior to both Morrowind and Myst, my first "love" for fantasy gaming came from the 1990 release of Final Fantasy for the Nintendo (NES) system. Like most gamers of this era I continued on to other titles and platforms; and it wasn't until 1995 that I fell in love with the amazing Dungeon Crawler genre thanks to, Stonekeep.

After all these years I have never been quite able to capture the unique and memorable experiences of individual works like Final Fantasy, Myst, Stonekeep, and Morrowind... within a single unified environment. A marriage between the Ages of Myst and Action-RPG-Crawler might be worthwhile.

The Mystrock project is an attempt to do just that.