Resource Library

Mystrock is a project that aims to release completely Free-to-Play games in the form of Mods. Granted, you do need to own the games that these Mods are made for, but that is the only cost to the gamer.

This resource page contains helpful links for anyone looking to create their own Mods and learn a little bit about writing code. Keep in mind that I am far from a software development genius, but I do possess enough skill and knowledge to write and release software devoid of any major bugs or pitfalls.

Furthermore, when it comes to Video Game Development, I am a firm believer that heavier emphasis should be placed on designing a powerful experience as it pertains to mood, tone, story, atmosphere, and player involvement; as opposed to an emphasis on flashy graphics and overly technical features.

The resource links found on the side panel serve as a starting point for video game software development. This is currently just a bare minimum resource page; if you would like to act as a contributor to the site or project, then feel free to contact me directly.

This site is updated regularly with additional resource information. Upon completion of the "Artisans Path" project, the entire source code library will be available for download. Anyone who wishes to contribute is welcome. All code and assets that are used and referenced are legally licensed, purchased, and credited; and shall be freely distributed unless otherwise dictated by governing law.